Go Fish Wildcard

How to Play:


Deal each player 4 cards and place the remaining deck in the middle as a draw pile. Player to the left of the dealer starts. Please note you can only place sets on your turn including the first turn.


Placing 3 of the same card face up on the table gives you a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Wild Cards:

A wild card can be used as any other card when making a set of 3. Whenever a card is placed as part of a set of 3, that card type immediately becomes wild. Ex: If a Jack is played in a set of 3 all Jack’s become wildcards for the remainder of the game. Or in short All cards face up on the table are wild cards. By the end of the game every card is wild!



On your turn you can ask any one player if they have a card that matches a card you have in your hand. If the other player has the requested card they then hand over as many of that card type that they have. If they do not have any of that card type they say “go fish” and you take 1 card from the draw pile and your turn ends unless it is the card you just recently asked for and you are able to make a set without any wild cards.

  • Getting the requested card(s) from another player or the draw pile grants another turn if you place down that card in a set that does not use a wild card. Drawing a wild card does not grant additional turns.
  • At any point during or at the end of your turn you must place down any set of 3 you can, including sets using wildcards. You can not put down sets during another player’s turn.
  • If you have no cards in hand at any point during or at the end of your turn take 2 cards from the draw pile. If you run out of cards on your turn your turn then ends after you draw 2 cards.


The game ends when the last card is picked up from the draw pile. At this point each player will have one last chance to ask for cards and place down sets starting with the player to the left of the person that drew the last card, and then moving clockwise. After everyone has a chance to place any sets they have in their hand the points are counted.


I was inspired to create this game with my brother Daniel when we learned of ultimate tic-tac-toe. I love the idea of taking a children’s game and adding a simple twist to increase complexity.


If you have an idea for another game that could use this treatment please let me know below!


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