Hello! The latest updates to “Undercity Horse Racing” (a game by Daniel Likiardopoulos) will appear here.

In the city of Toronto eleven famed individuals have come together to prove their superiority. Take care though, for all is not as it seems, as dastardly actions are afoot and the horses aren’t as noble as they might seem…
This is a game where you bribe not the Jockeys but the Horses themselves in order to cut your way to first place. Why? Because it is your right, and how dare anyone else challenge your superiority!

Undercity Horse Racing Prototype 3

Prototype 3 of Undercity Horse Racing had some major changes that greatly improved gameplay. The track is now larger and the start location has been moved to outside of the oval to clear up the difference between the start and finish line – just like a real track! The player cards are now designed to look like a newspaper to fit the theme better and to more clearly show the difference between the important and flavor text.

Besides the continual graphic design improvements version 3 changed how reaction cards work. Instead of only being able to react to the player on your right you can now play a reaction card anyone else’s turn as long as you get your card down first!

Here you can see the new betting slips that allow for easier betting while having more choices such as betting on 2 or 3 horses at once! The tactile action of placing cards down to bet this improves the feel of the game. The juiciness of the game but for a physical game.

Undercity Horse Racing Prototype 2

Prototype 2 of Undercity Horse Racing now has horse tokens that stand on their own to be viewed from the side.The player cards are now designed to be in portrait for better holding.

Besides the graphic design improvements version 2 added new cards to be tested.