Borazon Games

Borazon Games needed a design overhaul that was clean and professional. The new design incorporates the need to be new and exciting while also being serious and stable.

Main Logo for Borazon Games

I took the name Borazon (a material that is used to cut diamonds) and used it as the core for the brand design. We went through many sketches of the logo to determine what resonated with the client before continuing to the final result.

The logo is animated for placing in front of their videos. Using the correct encoding the background of the video file is transparent to allow for flexibility with other logos on screen.

Borazon Games Animated Logo

The website also needed an overhaul to accommodate their multiple games. First I determined that the sites main purpose was for information as they use a separate distributor. With this in mind I added a slider on the main page that was easy for the client to upkeep as they would only need to update which pages they wanted to show up and the slider would automatically do the rest.

The website was built with an adaptive design to work on desktop, tablets, and mobile. I also created different logo designs for different use cases such as social media:

Exploration Place

Exploration Place is a science museum located in the midwest. The client requested a website with a large number of pages that would work both on desktop and mobile. Their old solution was to create two sites one for mobile and one for desktop. The new solution is to incorporate an adaptive design that allows for the same site to fit different aspect ratios.

Exploration Place in a Mobile Aspect Ratio

Various Designs